Pastor Jamie

For a thousand different reasons God reaches over and taps us on the shoulder letting us know that He is here. Whatever the reason for that ‘tap’ in your life, you are peeking at us through this box. Pay attention to the tap and find out why so many over the past 160 years plus have done the same by finding God here. We worship, we educate, we sing, we fellowship, we do mission, we serve and it all spins together to create the fabric of community that has, at its core, the strength of God. 

The prairie is an ancient place. Drive a few miles east of Janesville on County Road A, (Milwaukee Street) and find the courage of the generations that have found peace and strength in this place of worship. Every Sunday morning at 10:30 we gather (summer: 9:30) to bring ourselves before the Lord. We laugh, we cry, we sing, we eat, we hear God’s words and feel God's arms around us. Those hands reach across the wheat and the years to give us something genuine and solid. If you are looking for ‘flash’ and ‘wow’ there are lots of places that will cater to you…if you are looking to respond to that ‘tap’ and find a solid place with its feet in the dirt and its hands stretched to the heavens..that would be Rock Prairie.

 About Pastor Jamie:  I'm a dad, husband, friend and pastor. The order gets flipped around by the demands and opportunities of the day, but the one that stands overall in my life is the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I trust in His Spirit daily to help me sort the different shoes that I wear and while some use huge amounts of time, others have my life. 

This is the third place in which I have had the privilege of being called "Pastor" since I began this work over thirty years ago. I stood on the banks of the Minnesota River in the town of LeSueur for almost eight years with those good folks. Then we moved to the flatlands of central Illinois to the town of Streator and shared in the life and work of God's faithful there for thirteen years. We moved here amidst the snow storms of January, 2007. We stand now in wonder at the prairie vistas that surround us and the lives of the good folks that come here to worship, grow and reach together. 

Other than the same tools that the church has used for generations, scripture and Spirit, I walk in here with no master plan or billion dollar answer. I am a pastor; I lead worship and share in the mission, education and outreach of the church. Most of all I get up every day to see that red sky in the East and say thanks for another opportunity to suck in good air and serve a great God through all that we can do and be together. Pastor Jamie Swanson's e-mail address is: