Director of Music Ministry


This position is responsible for the entire music ministry in a matter that enhances worship and assists the congregation in praising God. He/She is a member of the Worship committee , and coordinates with the pastor, accompanists, choir members, and the congregation. He/She should have a passion for music ministry and a desire to grow our choir. This is a part-time position and reports to the pastor and the Personnel committee.


*     Select music to enhance, enrich and complement the sermon and worship service. Work with the pastor and lectionary to choose appropriate music. Work with the pastor to plan and coordinate the musical elements of all worship services (weekly, special, and summer) {Note: Pastor is responsible for selection of hymns, but often seeks input from the Director of Music Ministries.]

*     Direct the adult choir for Sunday worship. Supervise and conduct all musical rehearsals including adult choir, youth, and children's choirs, instrumentalists, possibly a band at times, and soloists.

*     Communicate with music volunteers (vocalists and instrumentalists) including details of rehearsal times, and musical selection for weekly services, including all copyright requirements.

*     Recruit and encourage new choir members from the church and community. Develop a process for recruiting musicians (vocal and Instrumental), recruiting from in-house talent and enlisting participation from new members n order to give a wide variety of musical expressions. Work with and mentor young members of the church to incorporate them into the service where appropriate, i.e.; prelude, postlude, offering, anthem.

*     Present music and provide adequate rehearsals for special services throughout the liturgical year including but not limited to: Easter Service, Ash Wednesday Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, youth music events, and others as requested by the pastor.

*     Oversee the care and use of musical instruments in consultation with those who use them. Schedule regular tuning and repair of organs and pianos and notify the pastor and/or Worship committee chair of any needed repairs.

*     Manage, process, maintain and enrich the music library collections within the budget. Preview and search for new hymns to introduce to the congregation and choir. Work on selecting new contemporary music within the Presbyterian tradition to suggest to the pastor/ Worship committee.

*     Provide necessary information for worship bulletins to the church office, in a timely manner. Submit articles as needed for weekly announcements, social media posts, and newsletters that help inform and communicate music related activities and events within the church.

*     Communicate with Head of Staff weekly (in person or via email / phone call); and participate in staff meetings as possible. Provide a monthly report to Worship committee regarding current and future activities. Attend Worship committee meetings.

*     Report music staff compensation in a timely manner. Work with the Worship committee on tasks that need additional church budget approval, providing necessary details.

*     Arrange for all special music during the summer months (June through August).

*     Direct musical aspects of children's presentations and activities including Vacation Bible school, Children's choir ad communicate with parents as to rehearsal and performance dates.

*     Arrange for substitute director during times of absence.

* All other duties as assigned.

Necessary Skills, Qualifications and Abilities

*     A University degree in Music or equivalent experience as a church music director.

*     Significant knowledge of worship music, both traditional and contemporary.

*     Choral direction training and experience.

*     Skills to recruit new choir members and empower them to use their gifts.

*     Strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others.

*     Proficiency with technology and it's use during worship services.


*     The Director of Music shall be paid bi-weekly at an hourly rate to be set by the Personnel committee and in consultation with the Session. The salary will be reviewed annually by the Personnel committee and presented to the congregation in the annual budget.


*     The Personnel committee will conduct an initial 90-day performance review and annually thereafter.